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Underpinning , Crawlspace and Drain, expert group in underpinning works offers the expertise of its employees to perform all sorts of work on your foundation, ranging from the construction of a crawlspace, to the complete installation of a drain.

With experience and know-how of our experts, we will accompany you from start to finish your underpinning works, building of a crawlspace or drain installation.

From the beginning of your submission, we would look at your request for either an underpinning work, the building of a crawlspace or a drain installation, and then make a careful examination of your home in order to target the exact needs that your foundations and structures require.

It is very important to know that all of our works are approved by an engineer, thereby confirming the accuracy of our plans. Our projects are safely done and with the formal consent of a building and construction engineer.

In addition to conducting a detailed plan to show the exact work involved, we will guide you and inform you about the various procedures to see, whether for the building of a crawlspace, a drain installation or any underpinning work, so that the preservation of your home is easy and pleasurable.

The service is impeccable, and the underpinning works meet our requirement, such as your expectations, this is the currency of
offers you these kinds of services:


The underpinning projects are part of major construction works. It is use for the addition and the replacement of foundations


A crawlspace is an accessible or inaccessible between the ground and the first floor of the building. It avoids the possibility of condensation and moisture.

The work of lifting is defined by the action of raising the foundations of the house in order to do several works and jobs on the sub-structures.


When you see the presence of signs, like the swelling of floor, or cracks apparent, refurbishment will come to restore your foundation by rebuilding or restructuration. 


The drains are essential to the prevention of water infiltration. That drip system is working against the accumulation of water beneath the foundations.

In addition our partners in related divisions can also use them in their specialties such as masonry, painting, excavation, kitchen and bathroom, floors, roof renovation, electrical services, the air conditioning installation, construction of balconies, general renovation, interior desing service, pool installation, roofing construction, underpinning works, cleaning service and many others in Montreal and surroundings.

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